The Color Trend This Spring Summer 2009

This spring, as a recipe for winter so grey and so cold that we had, we recetamos an extra dose of colors. And to brighten the view a bit, let’s review the colors that will be trend this spring summer 2009.

Vitamin colors are, intense colors, in many cases touching the fluorine ringtones. They can be as total look or mixed together, which requires enough dose of wit, and very careful.

In the shops to see t-shirts, skirts and dresses in all colors. The less released may begin to add color to your wardrobe with the Add-ins: scarves, sandals and bags in colors such as blue or yellow. It is one of the essential purchases for this spring.

But the Star colors they are as follows:

We started with a Blue intense, very maritime. Combines perfectly with the white, red or yellow, and why not? even with the black.

We continue with the Rosa, that takes in all shades, from Fuchsia to pink bat. Sweeter all the palette color requires all the limelight, although it can be combined with black.

One more summer colors that exist, the Orange, It will also be very much in vogue this summer. It is a cheerful, lively and intense color. It makes thick as thieves with the lighter grey shades.

If despite the change of season, are more supporters of the sober and discrete colors, know that this summer you also have several possibilities. As our colleagues from Mensencia commented, this summer are the black and white tones combined together. A very chic and always elegant, whole House brand in Chanel, but that has also been extended to other parades, as of Dries Van Noten or of Phi.

The Pearl Grey other colors will be star of the coming months. An ideal color to wear to the office, and to combine with the colors fluorine that await us.

Finally, let’s step at the non-color. To the shades makeup, beige or nude, colors that will blend in with the skin to create a nude and clear appearance. Other color that blends perfectly with the most intense and colorful tones. As already discussed, this summer we need a dress nude in our closet.