The Fashion of Tomorrow: a Single Leg

Pictures I’ve been to see what has been proposed in the New York fashion week. Designs in which it dispenses with one of the legs to wear and only covered one, leaving to the air the other. The firm after similar idea is VPL, and after she, Victoria Bartlett.

And is that VPL are the initials of Visible Panty Lines, or what is the same, visible lines of panties, something that is not fulfilled in this case, or rather, is met halfway. Since seen designs eliminate the leg of one of the clothes, either mono style or undies who dress in this case in the light.

The two models presented are in grey-blue and white. Only suitable for those who want to attract the attention of third parties and those who have a completely slender body, as a model, since they conform to every inch of the body.

Who will be the first to take them? I already have a name in mind.