The Five Commandments To Wear Leggings

The leggings, that as comfortable garment that invades both streets and walkways and that most of us use normally. But the question is do we know to use them correctly?

The leggings are a garment that if used properly can Stylize our figure in a spectacular way, but that if used incorrectly can damage figure from the very same Gisele Bundchen. So you’re that come into the first group, here the 5 commandments of the leggings, take advantage of them and presumed body!!

1st commandment: will not use baggy in vain leggings

The leggings are a close-fitting garment, that never try to change it. How many fewer fine lines to produce your meshes and more adjusted you feel, more you estilizarás your figure. This nor do you have to carry the limit because if you use a leggis that you are small you run the risk of that are broken by that party that we both fear.

2nd commandment: never show your underwear

As a result of the first commandment, it is important that your underwear is marked in any waybelow your leggings. It is advisable to use instead of panties thong, but if you go by these latest attempts do not have very tight rubber and a neutral color and without any kind of pattern.

3rd Commandments: sanctify wide parts of up

To look like a certain balance between your leggis and your top, employs something always width for this last turn. A shirt with a belt at the waist or a short dress can be a brilliant choice. If you have Jennifer López butt always use your leggings as pants, that Yes, be careful and not provoke any accidents between male Guild.

4 º honor your leggings color

Todos colors are worth and all prints can sit well. Tries to always combine your leggings with the rest of your clothes and remember that if you’re too thin a colour clear or some pattern will help you see more anchita and vice versa.

5th will not use inappropriate to your stature footwear

If you’re rather short, shoes of the same color of your meshes can help see you most high, also if this shoe has heel, better than best.

We hope that these 5 commandments have helped you, who knows, just as soon see you posing for some of the best known fashion magazines to the public as wear your leggings in spectacular fashion. Remember that you don’t have to have a body 10 to take advantage of the benefits of this current article. If you have some more trick, don’t hesitate to share it with us.