The Flannel Trousers

If the summer season has chinos are flannel trousers autumn obvious counterpart. A pants-which, by slimmer silhouettes and playful combinations recent seasons have a clear restoration.

The material does often best in a figure-hugging silhouette with narrow Foot width. Without for that matter have to be super slim. But helrakt cut flannel trousers easily become very truculent. Description is to this relatively thick materials often preferred to give the pants attractively cases.

Stylistically works flannel trousers as good as odd trousers as part of the uniform suit. Although the lighter flannel trousers dominated recent seasons, is slightly darker diton much more wearable. Dark gray flannel pants suits perfect example of a navy blazer or cardigan for a casual style. On his feet are worn preferably medium-high chukka boots, monk straps or brogues with a chunkier sole to fit the material mat surface.