The Gems and Jewelry Show Celebrating 10 Years

The year 2017 started with everything to us of Vitrinne Magazine. After we are present at trade shows like Bijoias, Aljoias and Fiba RJ, now is the time ofMinas Trend, one of the most important and significant events of the country.

We arrived in Belo Horizonte on day 03 April (Monday) and right away we could honor the opening event also celebrates 10 years of the event that began as a business lounge and today goes beyond with exhibitions and parades to mark national brands releases and is the gateway to many fashion talents according to

The opening party was attended by numerous guests who work directly with fashion, stylists, designers, as well as journalists and celebrities on a night with a lot of networking and, of course, to show with the parade that brings together all brands participating in this issue.

With the domain of the black and strokes of primary colors, such as yellow, red and blue, the opening parade of the twenty Minas Trend reflected the main stakes of the exhibitors for the Spring/Summer 2018.

Inspired by the modern scenario especially created by architect Peter Lazarus, who opted for an urban vision where highlighted the emerging ramps of Downstage, the stylist Paul Martinez was the Bauhaus school and German constructivism references to editing the parade which revealed a season when accessories complement looks light and with a lot of transparency.

“I sought to show the real woman, who walks the streets. Has everything, the turban, the Muslim woman, the widow, the two girls who date, skateboarding, the night, has all along. The street is democratic, may for everybody “, analyzes Martinez.

Inside this democratic diversity proposed by the stylist, the parade showed a light and casual season, where the joviality and good humor contribute to a shape extremely feminine and sensual gently.

The soundtrack, presented live by Flavio miner rapper Renegade, strengthened the concept of plurality and urbanity which must be guided to the next station.

Here’s the Gallery of images the accessories that have stood out in the opening parade.