The Hunt for Mr Butler

We receive a number of inquiries about Mr butlers. A practical way to store clothes and, not least, a stylish interior decor. But where does one go to find stylish and functional models?

The grim truth is the newly produced models often leave much to be desired. Design-wise, they look either like spaceship or something in a old fashioned interior design magazine. But above all is the very gallows often too narrow for the jacket should keep well without losing its shape. Not to mention the actual träkvalitén.

Anyone who wants to find a functional and stylish at the same time Mr. Butler should look for used. Auction sites like AOL, Gotoget and Tradera usually have a wide range of men’s butlers from the 50s and 60s, often from Italian Brevettato. I have been looking for newly produced models that meet the same quality and level of style, but unfortunately not found any model. Maybe one of you a good tip?

Another tip is to check more pronounced antiques dealer. Preferably with a focus on furniture from the turn of the century or the 50th and 60th century. If they do not have any model in its current range, you can often ask for Mr butlers can antique dealer locate one for you.