The Invisible Sock

Get accessories can enlarge an elaborate dress as ugly socks. For the summer months, it is often better to completely skip the socks. Or go for the invisible ankle socks.

The combination of well-dressed leather shoes to strumplösa leg has undoubtedly taken hold in recent seasons. For light moccasins and sneakers feel not step very far to throw the socks, but designers like Thom Browne has also opened for the combination to the more substantial full-grain brogues.

Many think sore feet. And maybe it is not advisable to enter new heavy leather shoes without socks. But there is an alternative, low ankle socks, which protect against abrasions without being seen. Not the least appropriate for those who have warm feet sweat a lot.

The problem with this strumptyp is to find a model with the right fit and cut. Because in many cases they are slightly high-cut and visible above the edge of the shoe which counteracts the whole purpose. One tip is to actually go down a size so that they are little more fotnära and just cover the heel. For what can not be seen does not exist.