The Journey of a Wardrobe

The fashion brands understood the importance of being seen on the web is hardly news. Last fall, Burberry launched the project “Art of the Trench” where they let Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman take pictures of people dressed in Burberry trench coats worldwide. Since the line of it partnerships Louis Vuitton along with hyped photo blog The Selby created “The Journey of a Wardrobe.

The Selby is in just two years has become one of the world’s most important fashion and design blogs. The unique mix of fashion, design and interior attracts a day over 35 000 visitors and founder Todd Selby has already managed to publish a book of collected images from his many at-home story. In collaboration with Louis Vuitton, The Selby visited more or less well-known people in London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo. All with impeccable sense of style and decor.

The result is a gluttony of exclusive leather goods and clothing in equally beautiful habitats. Below is a small selection from the special site.