The Key Looks This Spring

The special fashion magazines, those which we look forward when it comes the month of March, are a forceful and very extensive guide, but we get lost between such proposal, so I have decided to summarize the key spring in fifteen looks Gateway essential.

Trends there are many, from the colours to prints, silhouettes, fabrics, measurements and inspiration, and I now it aglutino everything and transformed it in the form of key.

Pass and take note.

1. the Blue It is one of the colors of the season, throughout its range, the favorite color of the Impressionists opened my ranking resulted in an estpendo look signed by Peter Som I’ve chosen because I love the combination of shirt and draped skirt, mixing two different tones without fear: not to try to find two pieces exactly the same color because we have the losing. And yes the belt on skin to break.

2 is fashionable to be green and the organic fabrics already flooded stores low cost: in Zara, Mango and H & M already opt for organic cottons and natural fibers, especially in t-shirts. Miu Miu, in a return to the origins, makes them his leitmotiv for this spring.

< /p > < p > 3. The < strong > </strong > denim is trend already is almost a timeless question, but already not only applies to trousers but again Texas shirts and are born the blazers < strong > </strong > jeans as Carmen March. < / p & gt;

4. all small wanted to go to ballet class: well, so much for that got him to those who are nostalgic for not having done, the look dancer, i.e., fabrics and silhouettes with movement and white or dusty, colors are the order of the day. Tutu is in fashion and Balmain signs this good example.

5. Out of Africa It is one of the reference of the romantic genre films, and is that the black continent is source of inspiration in either artistic discipline, paradoxically, colour and magic. And captures Anna Sui is one of the creators that has best captured its essence optimistic and cheerful dresses like this.

6. the size XXS It seems that he wants to be the new medium, and tops are shortened, underwear comes out, and the dresses are increasingly more minis. Zac Posen is that they skimp on fabric.

7. what someone hated in his young years as of the? fishing pants ? Because in the same way that almost all small we didn’t fish, roquefort or the bubbles of champagne, what we loathed, turns against us from the hand of Emilio Pucci, firm that also gives back to the norm and hem mete him inside instead of outside.

8. The wrinkle is beautiful. That used to say Adolfo Dominguez and seems that Miuccia Prada secunda it. This is the perfect excuse for not ironing us nothing (and is that what the mamma of fashion, goes to mass).

9. If a long since we carry boots when it’s 30 degrees and sandals under zero, the turn of nut is the summer wrap. No one better than Burberry to interpret the trend.

10 there are colors which are but the nude It is the color of the season: takes in skirts, dresses for day, night, tops, trench, fur jackets, cardigans, sweaters, shoes and bags. The best? The total monochromatic look like this proposed by Stella McCartney.

11. the far West It is the another great summer theme. For the fans of the genre, fringes, hats and jackets. For the rest, just a good pictures shirt knotted to the neck like this one from MaxMara and clogs, which are always very country as well as being very comfortable.

12. the waist is another of the protagonists of the season and the silhouette in X coined by the master Christian Dior pisa with panache: bodices or narrowness of the height of the bust and skirts with volume to contrast. Emanuel Ungaro runs it to tropical mode, but there are a thousand versions.

13 do you remember film 1,2, 3 Splash? Many’re just very young, Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks starred her and she embodied the role of a mermaid lost in Manhattan. Returning to the figure of the dark imagery, in spring are the tissues that emulate the scales , as the paillettes, or this marvel of cuts as they proposed in their garments Christopher Kane.

14 buttons no more: in full wave of eighties revival changed the eyelets for the zips. Although it does not need to exaggerate as much as Donatella Versace.

15. Finally, for all those who want to emulate to Jessica Alba and put the Pajama to exit to the street, the best option is to opt for a version somewhat less obvious than those of Dolce & Gabbana. Following the advice of Sportmax, it is best to start testing for the nightdress.