The Knitted Blazer

The knitted blazer takes the concept of job jackets to its absolute apex. Real conservatives refuse most likely to even call this jackets. But call it what you want – tidy it.

In women’s fashion, the knitted blazer been relatively common. Much thanks to Coco Chanel who was the first to introduce jackets in simple jersey. Recent seasons have this type of garment started to appear also on the men’s side. From simpler variations in precisely jersey to open knit models in the super luxury wool quality. Model-wise, there are types that have more or less all the classic hallmarks of a jacket that conventional is putting, slit, lined interior and kind. But there are also models rather bordering cardigans, but then with a jacket inspired stroke and pockets.

Unlike conventional jacket fabrics are knitted relatively extensible material, which allows a far more athletic fit. They really rough knitted models suitable perhaps mainly for the fall season, but many variants represent a viable alternative to the classic odd blazer even during the summer. For example, a pair of bright linen trousers, button-down shirt and a nice pair of suede loafers for a late summer evening.