The Look Right: Cool and Neutral Shoes Monk Straps

This combination certainly will please those who like clothes with a few contrasts, neutral colors and leather accessories perfectly coordinated.There’s no daring in the shades chosen to compose this look, but who that it is obligatory? Good looks depend on the creativity of each and even those who don’t like to venture into bold tones can do very well.

Why Does It Work?

It’s simple and elegant! Navy cotton shirt (can be a lightweight Twill) is versatile in casual looks and keeps pants in your gray, the neutrality of the look. The fit of the parts is correct, there is no cloth left, but neither gives the impression that the subject was vacuum-packed, everything seems comfortable according to

On the combination of footwear-a beautiful double monk strap – with the belt, was given no room for error: they both use the same shade of leather, feature that recurs in the watch bracelet with classic and timeless design.

Try …

Throw a blazer Brown or caramel over the shirt or, who knows, a vest in a gray tone darker than your pants, but not as dark as the shirt. A bow tie, also try a wine or violet.

It Wouldn’t Be The Same If …

We replaced the shirt for a shirt in the same color, the result wouldn’t be bad, but it wouldn’t be so aligned and cool!

In Short:

Mastering color combinations is nice but not essential;

Good trim parts, even though casual, make all the difference;

In this case you are not required to match the footwear and accessories, but if you want to combine them, go ahead;

Blazers, waistcoats and bow ties can complement the look;

The shirt leaves the visual cool in exact measure, if possible, do not change for a t-shirt.

Additional Tips:

For fat-if you are very overweight, the pants with straight cut will fall better. Suspenders with matching footwear can give a better result if the belt marking.

For short people-a skinny tie can help the verticalization of the look, as well as a shirt with faux flat fabric that forms accompanying your lines back.

For the altões-a bow tie can help draw attention to your face, but if not your beach wear that kind of attachment, open two shirt buttons to create 1 1 V that prevents the top of the look becoming a marine block.