The Look Right: Cyclist Stylish

This is a look that abuses of chance: of the parts in twill sleeves folded (both the shirt and the jacket) everything leads us to believe that although well dressed, the young man in the photo is not the left side, at any time, the comfort and personal style.

The Look Right Cyclist Stylish

Because it works?

In first place we have to compliment the chosen colors that make a beautiful rhyme between themselves. The color denim shirt makes a great pair with the hue of the pants and greenish, and the tie of crochet, along with the jacket in twill camel heat the composition in the right measure. The shoe suede in this type of combo is almost a must, keeping the dialogue perfect with the parts in twill.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the pants for jeans, common, the visual would be just a little more stoned.

Try this…

Use a leather jacket in the same tone or in a more strong. Despite being great, the brogue also could give rise to a sneaker in leather with rustic look, but keeping the color.

In short

  • Parts in twill are great for a visual relaxation;
  • Fold the sleeves and the bar of the pants and stops the look even more easygoing;
  • Even with these elements, the tie falls well and makes the contrast between the tidy and comfortable, but the option in knitting here is perfect;
  • The choice of color itself is already worth the look, everything is in harmony within the visual;
  • With brogue suede not to err in these cases, but a running shoes with the same taken also secure the style;
  • Very jeans would leave the visual stoned.