The Look Right: Knit Fisherman

Nothing better than enjoying the winter to wear that warm, cozy fabric that you don’t have the opportunity to use the rest of the year, but if you do this try out of the common place, give it a rest for the jeans and sneakers and invest in something a little more sophisticated as shown on the look right this week, see below:

Why does it work?

The combination makes use of stylish and comfortable knit fisherman (this with the folded shawl type collar) of light color (beige or off white) contrasting both in style and color with the marine and tailoring trousers Plaid Shirt also in shades of blue. The choices run to traditional “jeans and sneakers” that accompanies the knitting most of the time, doing the “dress up”, i.e. bringing the combo for a more elegant and slightly formal. Anyway, the shirt is used off-label, including appearing underneath the fabric, while the tie gives a more professional and sober, but without exaggeration according to WEDDINGINFASHION.COM.

There is nothing bold in color, basically are shades of blue by a knitting course and a brown shoes. The embossed designs of knitting, aranstyle, highlighted with off white and give volume to the top of the look, while the bottom thins in a slim fit tailoring well cut.


use a boot with social footprint or even something more aggressive like a combat boot to finish off the costume. As the pants are proper in the body and keep it up until the bar, you can use it inside the shoe, but with care, if they occur, use of the common way.

It wouldn’t be the same if …

We replaced the knitting for a model without any detail, as was mentioned above the embossed designs give volume and the collar draws attention to the face.

In short:

  • Try new combinations with those old tricôs, give it a rest for the jeans and sneakers;
  • You don’t have to waste a lot of time with colors, sometimes the break already your basic branch;
  • Tricôs type fisherman are good because they draw attention to your face;
  • Tailoring with mesh is a good idea;
  • Since we’re in winter invest in a nice boot;
  • Trouser bar can be used on the inside of the pipe, but only if you don’t be left very fabric.

Additional tips:

For fat–the knitting volume adds a lot, try a flat model, but keep the collar fisherman, she will enhance your face. Opt for a traditional cut pants, slim fit can mark other certain parts of body who is very overweight.

To short-cut the silhouette made by knitting harms you, so try to make up for in other items such as a high-soled footwear. The mesh cannot have great design otherwise be disproportionate for you. Use the tucked in your pants so that it doesn’t show up and shorten even more your trunk.

To altões-the clear and mesh shirt appearing underneath help to slice the silhouette, which is perfect for you, but who also is strong can seem a little incongruous with the knitting volume, if it is your case, opt for something lighter and without the details.