The Look Right: Knit Turtleneck with Wool Blazer

As I said in a previous post, the Turtleneck (or necks, if you prefer) is not among the most beloved fashion items by Brazilians, even in States where winter is more strict, but follows as trend in the rest of the world. In this post we will talk about a casual combination that uses very appropriately a knitting with this type of collar.

Why does it work?

Here’s a simple feature, but that is a success with men: block black on top, playing a cool jeans, but without exaggeration, on the underside, Steve Jobs has already done that for almost two decades, but a more basic way. This look adds style to the back when mix knitting cable knit textures and the wool blazer, taking advantage of the dark Turtleneck to draw attention to the face. The boot style “moc” Brown leaves the visual still thicker and combines with the leather belt in tressê.

The combo doesn’t skimp in the textures, but dark colors hold the wave and not allow him to be exaggerated.


override it with a trench coat black if the temperatures drop really. Gloves are also a nice addition, they may be black, because the casualty’s look lets not match the shoe or the belt, but the Browns also would be amazing.

It wouldn’t be the same if …

We replaced the knitting for a blouse or even change the color to a clear, we probably would have a visual conflict with too much information.

In short:

  • No Turtleneck enjoys very poster with Brazil’s men, but is world trend;
  • Block the top with black requires a set of textures not to be obvious;
  • In this case the jeans can be a little, but nothing overwhelming;
  • The collar on the dark sweater highlights the face;
  • The leather boot leaves the full-bodied combo;
  • Try playing a black trench coat over everything in days of very cold;
  • Change the color of the knitting to something more clear will harm the combination, avoid!

Additional tips:

For fat-dark colors favor and the collar can disguise that has large dewlap, but can leave your face too round, it might be a good idea to use a mesh with v-neck or turtleneck bald.

For short–Use a still darker pants will help elongate your silhouette, keep the boot, the thick soles have lends a few centimetres.

For the altões-Let the blazer always open, the design of the knitting makes you more proportional, you can look like an obelisk, but that doesn’t apply to everyone, who has big chest may not need it, so it’s worth experimenting and see what looks best.