The Look Right: Summer with Blue Klein

A few days ago we talked about how simple it is to give more life to your look by combining a piece of strong tone with other neutral, that way there is no need a lot of skill in dealing with colors. Sure you look this week not only shows how this is true, as it still serves as an example for those looking for a good composition, elegant for the summer and a way to use one of the colors of the moment, the blue klein, without sin by exaggeration.

The Look Right Summer with Blue Klein

Because it works

The mix of parts is perfect, everything is very summery since the pants chino with the bar bent (which is not compulsory) until the blue blazer klein twill lightly faded, remembering jeans. Another interesting choice is the pole long sleeve that gives a better finish to the look with the cuffs being revealed by the jacket. The shoe in the same shade of indigo benefits of the other clothes pale to not let the look overloaded. The hat panama , and the handkerchief in the pocket to show style and care in the choice of accessories, the signature of a man of good taste.

It would not be the same thing if…

The pants were jeans, because the excess of blue incomodaria, or if the polo shirt was a t-shirt, making the combo losing the charm of the collar and of the sleeves.


Swap the polo for a shirt well lightweight cotton (can be linen), the effect is similar and is also full of charm. On very hot days it is best to choose a pole sleeve, short even, and avoid passing on the heat silly, it is a detail that you sacrifice in the name of comfort and the right not to sweat in bicas!

In short

  • The blue klein is a beautiful color, but needs neutrals to not to be exaggerated;
  • Pants chino go well with everything and in this particular case fall like a glove;
  • Collars and cuffs give a charm of the production, it is worth investing;
  • Gives to repeat parts with strong colors since the pieces are neutral hold on the wave;
  • This type of look also goes very well with a linen shirt well lightweight;
  • The right accessories do not draw attention to them, call attention to you;
  • If the day is too hot not to think twice in choosing a polo short sleeve.