The Models Stained Oxygenated Blonde Hair

Before the crisis, paint your red lips, or at least so they say. As well, there is another thing which seems that also launched us women in times of hardship: a bleach us hair. The latest market research on trends in hair dyes say that oxygenated blond hair becomes fashionable due to the crisis. And the main models have put hands to work.

On the catwalks, Iekeliene Stange It has made a radical change, staining of platinum blonde her long chestnut hair. If it was a peculiar model style wearing off the catwalks, it is now even more.

Agyness Deyn He was a pioneer in this (as in so many things), and has bleached hair for many years, because the blonde is not her natural hair color, as we saw in Jezebel.

However, which really marks if a thing is fashionable or not, that is Kate Moss, and in recent months we have seen it in the editorial of the Magazine Interview with lighter hair. And it seems that it has caught the taste of the platinum blonde, because every time is more blonde in his last public appearances.

Also the actress Drew Barrymore this fashion has embraced dyeing over blond hair than usual to star in the cover of W Magazine from April. The truth is that it is more beautiful.

And to finish our review of the new Blondes (or at least of yet more blonde blondes), we have Daria Werbowy, Although the change of image of this is only temporary. In the campaign of Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2009 appears with hair platinum blonde, imitating Marilyn Monroe, an actress who is not won until it was not stained oxygenated blonde hair.

And you? Do you atreveríais to dye you from platinum blonde to the Blondie?