The Most Memorable Jewelry In The History Of The Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards , commonly called the Oscars, are getting closer, we are all on the edge of our seats to see the most anticipated award of the year and, of course, the same important red carpet, where trends are set for The rest of the season and statements are made in the history of fashion with each star wearing their most luxurious looks, seeking to dazzle the public and the critic. So prepare yourself! Meet some of the most memorable and famous jewels exhibited in the last Oscars, here we bring you some of our favorites.

We opened the 20th anniversary of the awards in 1948 with star Loretta Youngreceiving her Oscar for Best Actress for her role in “The Daughter of the Farmer” wearing this white and diamond choker made by Joseff of Hollywood , his design Unique and graceful would make her one of the favorite pieces of the American actress, who would use it in several galas and photo sessions, the style of the necklace goes perfectly hand in hand with the charm and elegance of which was one of the symbols Glamorous Hollywood golden age.

If you talk about the show and jewelry can not avoid mentioning the lover of jewelry par excellence: Elizabeth Taylor. Indeed, if you could, half of this list would include the spectacular pieces of the violet-eyed artist on the red carpet; However, one of her appearances stands out above the others, at the 1970 gala Elizabeth wore the gigantic 69-carat Taylor-Burton diamond suspended from a chain, accompanied by a simple Lavender dress by Edith Head showing the gemstone throughout His glory. Later, in June of 1979, Taylor would sell the diamond by a sum of between 3 and 5 million dollars, that soon would destine to the construction of a hospital in Botswana.

Taylor’s other unforgettable moments at the Oscars were her first nomination in 1958 where she appeared as a full-time queen with Tiara Mike Todd, a gift from her third husband producer Mike Todd, and when she won her second gold statuettein 1967 Presuming the famous Bulgari suite of emeralds and diamonds: earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring , this was a woman who was not afraid to look stunning!

In 1998, Gloria Stewart, an interpreter of a nonagenarian Rose on Titanic, wore the most expensive jewel of the Academy’s red carpet worth $ 20 million: a Harry Winston necklace with a blue diamond Of 15 carats, a wink to the star gem of the film, The Heart of the Ocean.

Then, in 2000 Hilary Swank would opt for a touch of royalty with this estimated $ 250,000 Asprey & Garrard diamond necklace, delicately lace-like design was created in 1890 for one of Queen Victoria’s daughters and complemented Perfectly Randolph Duke’s bronze silk dress, in this way the actress presented a majestic image to take the stage to accept an Oscar for her participation in “Boys Do not Cry”.

Next we have the great Beyoncé for her perfomance at the 2005 gala, wearing a sensual black velvet dress from Versace that gave her enough space so that her gorgeous earrings and her bracelet made of diamonds by Lorraine Schwartzshone like stars and get them Beyoncé will steal the show on both the carpet and the stage singing.

Next year, Keira Knightley personified the perfect harmony between makeup, dress and jewelry: her Vera Wang cut mermaid made of carrion-colored taffeta combined with her smokey eyes gave her a sophisticated and enigmatic air, along with the Bulgari-type multi-colored bib necklace Gives the striking fair touch that needs the look to be one of the best dressed of the night in the 78th edition of the awards.

Later in 2008, Nicole Kidman would dazzle us with chains and rains of brilliance with this sauteir design by L’Wren Scott that has a total of 1399 carats in 7645 diamonds between polished and rough, each personally chosen by the designer and assembled by hand In a total of 6200 hours to give light to this stunning piece.Combined with a simple black column Balenciaga charmed all the spectators with its bohemian and sublime, showing that the diamonds could be dressed in a more daring and free.

In the next installment of the Oscars, Lorraine Schwartz would make history again with these luxurious drop earrings sported by Angelina Jolie , Colombian emeralds of 115 carats and set with a cocktail ring of 65 carats, the gems gave the touch of color to Elie Saab’s heart-shaped black dress and took the leading role of the actress. A curious detail is how the emeralds used have notable inclusions, which normally lower their quality, however these were responsible for the characteristic brilliance that drove the viewers crazy.

That same year, Amy Adams would wear a Carolina Herrera red and a side pickupwith a Fred Leighton necklace that evoked the trends of the 50’s, the piece contains a total of 630 carats in emeralds, sapphires and rubies of different sizes assembled in this Intricate bib style necklace. The 81st Academy Awards ceremony was definitely a moment for jewelery fans.

Later, the 82nd edition of the Oscars came with this creative look of Carey Mulligan , combined its black Prada adorned with gems and utensils of all kinds (scissors, forks, watches, nuts, corkscrews, flowers …) with long style earrings Vintage made in diamonds by Fred Leighton perfect for the remarkably ornate strapless dress. In addition, the pixie cut accentuates the magnificent and delicate details of the chandelier style tendrils. An anecdote of the nominated actress says that that night after getting drunk began to pull the utensils of her dress and give them to the people present, unforgettable night, right?

Also in 2010 Kate Winslet surprised us with this set of necklace, three bracelets and tendrils of Tiffany and Co. made with Canary yellow diamonds in addition to some of the most expensive jewels of the red carpet with a price of more than 3 million Of dollars. The exclusively designed set for the celebrity combines in a subtle and perfect way with her silver bustier dress by Yves Saint Laurent and her hair in platinum blonde waves, leaving an elegant, ethereal and classic impression.

Then in 2012, Gwyneth Paltrow channeled the snow queen’s spirit in her minimalist white dress with a layer of Tom Ford and her Indian style bracelet Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie “Winter Heart”, embedded with some 2368 diamonds, plus the brilliant Flower-shaped ring part of the collection. In this way, the neat and regal style of the dress allows the two jewels to shine as they deserve in this celebrity.

Another piece that dazzled us was the dress by Margot Robbie in the 87th Oscars, her Saint Laurent dress with deep neckline gave all the necessary protagonism to the gold necklace, diamonds and sapphires of Van Cleef&Arpels, which is… Yes, what you are thinking, a closure! The masterpiece was first designed for the Duchess of Windsor in the 1930’s, so that it could be used as a necklace or bracelet when it was closed, and even if you do not believe it, it took about 12 years to design the Technical and aesthetic aspects of this challenge in the history of goldsmithing.

Similarly, one of the personalities that we loved with his creativity was Saoirse Ronan , who in 2016 came to the red carpet with these uneven tendrils of Chopard. The color palette chosen for the look of the Irish star was exquisite, the Calvin Klein emerald sequin dress, whose daring cuts were perfect with their loose mane, harmonized with pearl, emerald and jadeite earrings, which highlighted their gray eyes And her smoky makeup. This is a great example of how to use the bold trend of disparate slopes, which we look forward to seeing more this 2017!

And now, who will take the next places on this list? Which of our favorite stars will surprise us by making history in fashion at this 89th Oscars? And what trends will dominate the red carpet? Maybe the chokers and maxi bracelets, as already seen in the Golden Globes in January? Meanwhile, what we can do is speculate and marvel at the jewels that still resonate with us and how they can be enhanced with the right dress or clothes. Is there any jewel or celebrity that you would have liked to see on this list? Because really, this is just a small sample of the glamor Hollywood offers Tell us!