The Most Useful Pet Accessories To Go With Them

If you go on a trip with your pet you have to do your little bag too. There are some indispensable elements and others very useful.

Whether by plane, car or walking, if you are traveling with your pet there are some mandatory accessories to travel and others that can be very useful and save space and weight.

If you travel by public transport it is mandatory for our pet to travel in a hard plastic transport. The best thing in this case is that it is large enough that the animal can stand. However, you must get used to it before you do not interpret this cage as a punishment, but a comfortable and cozy place.

If on the contrary you are going to travel by road in vehicle, you have several options. In case it is a dog, one of them is to leave the trunk for your pet. In that case, you must install a net or a separating barrier that prevents you from jumping into the rear seats. Another solution for all pets is to carry a hard carrier or one that is foldable and cloth, so you can then save it without problems. Always ensure that you always have enough air and that you do not spend too much heat. Whether your dog is small or large, you can attach a harness and tie it with a special safety strap to the seat belt. It will be the way your dog goes more quiet, because it will have you closer. One of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that it can leave traces of hair in the upholstery of the car, depending on the breed. For this reason, it is best to cover the seats with a protective cover.

If your dog can not jump up to the trunk and can not carry it, a solution is to help you get on and off with a folding ramp with which you can easily access to the trunk.

In case you are going to travel in the hottest hours, it is best not to give the direct sun so you do not get dizzy. It covers the crystals through which the light passes with sunshades . It is also important that at least two hours, you can walk for a while, do your needs and drink fresh water, for this, you can use a portable drinker in which you can drink while carrying the water.You will waste less water than giving it directly from a bottle.

For smaller pets that can not walk at your pace there are special bags where you can comfortably transport it and where you can rest in peace while looking at the world peeking the head.

If you want to save space, ration the food for days and take only what is necessary, because you will feel more comfortable eating your normal meal instead of changing your diet too. In addition, if you replace the trough and the usual trough by folding ones will occupy less and the luggage will be less heavy.

If you are going to travel to the countryside, avoid having your dog confused with a wild animal by wearing a reflective vest or collar . Another idea is, in the case of taking it out at night, add a led light to your necklace, or put a luminous necklace, so it will be more visible in the dark.

There are beaches for dogs where it is obligatory to take you bound. A good trick is to buy a strap of 10 meters or more that does not prevent you from moving freely. It is also very useful if you are in the field but can not go loose or if you want to train so you do not go far.

If you travel to places where there are rivers, lakes or beaches, a life jacket can be very useful if your pet likes to get into the water. Even if you swim very well, you may be trapped in a stream of water and you will not be able to get out.

If you are going to travel with your dog to places where there are abounding rocky terrain that can hurt the dog’s pads, it is not too safe to protect them with neoprene boots.

For some dogs, because of the light color of their eyes, it can become very annoying the sun, causing from headaches to developing blindness in a more mature age. Therefore, there are sunglasses that protect them from ultraviolet rays.

It is also very important not to forget to take the pet protected parasites and insects, do not forget your documents and have several veterinarians located in the area where we are going to travel.

Source: InterMundial Seguros