The Must-Have For This Autumn Winter For Women And Men

As well know approaches the autumn-winter and is very important to know that it is what will be fashionable, for this season of the year. Below are some suggestions of what will be used as well as some tips.

For women:

What you can not miss in your closet, this season is a good coat that will make you look elegant woman with a very French style, it is best that you there are variety already is smooth, stamped, fur, wool, Teddy etc, some sober large flaps and double button and accompanied by a belt making a super look. In as far as silhouettes without a doubt the most recommended are the stylish looks with a chic, this masculine style for women. Some things we will see are simple lines, lengths up to the knee, shorts, cardigans, jackets, wool stockings. As well as the lace, draped, moles and the transparencies to the vintage of the 40, 50, 60 years. Jerseys, scarves, dresses, shorts, hats and irreplaceable accessories such as bags, rings, bracelets, shoes in various presentations as in all its variations, flats and the Oxford boots.

Tips: If you use a shelter and are not very high, better opt for one three quarters or a blazer that you will be much better and combined with a skirt above the knee or a short and wool stockings you’ll look spectacular, since if you wear a long coat you’ll be visually more chaparrita. It is also not use very large accessories, since they are not very recommended for tall girls.

For men

The must is to combine very urban trends with some other very elegant, giving everything a very personal sophistication and imposing a style very trendy. Bet on jackets, leather gloves, jackets, bags, coats, raincoats, scarves, to which you can give them double or triple spin, which will see a neck with fireplace, hats and boots. Supplements for men can be a necklace, a watch or a few lenses but man or man purse, bags are more chic this season and you can find them in a myriad of models and designs, although several men tried to resist to them over the years, but the reality is that its functionality goes beyond aesthetics , they are very useful, as you can see a male bag not only highlight you outfit, if you will not also serve many things.

In the styles, these are the more in mens, military mix perfectly with the style retro-vintage, which is reflected in the boots, raincoats with military buttons or naval accompanied by a pair of jeans worn or degraded, this look is ideal for boys of strong-willed and confidently if same. Oversized, not only trend materializes in gabardines with its maxi collars and lapels and those cuts below the knee, scarves or hats to very modern men without losing the elegance. The contemporary dandy look, is the one who cares deeply about the appearance and style accompanied by a little intellectuality, wearing casual sweaters, shirts, ethnic scarves, bags, raincoats, suits, hats and ties or monkeys, ideal for elegant and young man.

Tip: Remember to choose the look that suits you according to you personality, occupation and complexion, to look chic and cool.