The Perfect Button-down Shirt

Shirt manufacturers like to provide us with new colorful fabrics and twisted details. Shirts for a trendy guy who wants to stand out from the crowd as the saying goes. Fine. But what happened to the simple classics like the light blue button-down shirt?

The well-known Italian designer Vico Magistretti to have said; “Simplicity Is The Most Difficult Thing in the World”. A quote, equally applicable to a lamp or orange squeezer as a shirt. For shirt manufacturers who can not produce a neat simple white shirt without a lot of detail screwed know most likely not what they do. Or a light blue button-down shirt for the part.

Really should be my preference not to be especially difficult to satisfy, a stylish button-down shirt. Preferably in a slightly lighter light blue oxford. But it is not an abnormal kragfoder or contrasting stitching, it is most likely a fabric with more colors than threads. There is absolutely nothing wrong with color and pattern, but it has not been a little inflation in this type of shirts with smågalna details?

Visit sports department in any Swedish clothing store and chances are imminent that you are greeted by an inferno of colorful shirts that are all designed to stand out on the shelf. What happened to keeping it simple? To manufacture the best in front of the very festive shirts? I want it to feel that the manufacturer has put his soul into getting the best looking shirt collar, the best fabric or the most beautiful buttons. Not provided an half mediocre shirt with Christmas decorations.