The Perfect Byxvidden

18,19 or 20 centimeters. Last season the craze for shorter leg has raised questions about the trousers Foot width. One detail that may seem like a parenthesis, but in fact are fundamental to the style impression.

This is an issue that perhaps most moving suit pants. Although it obviously is a pain threshold for how slim chinos and jeans can be before it is unflattering to the wearer is the importance of the right Foot width considerably more tangible for pants with creases. And a clear sign of the legs are too narrow just about press folds shape stretch of the calves.

Often referred to as fotvidden of 8-9 inches where (20.3 and 22.9 centimeters) is the most common open spaces. Now it is of course not talking about a general ultimate measure, but this is largely a matter of taste which largely hangs together with the pants length. For those who prefer something shorter pants that just touching the shoes recommended a narrow Foot width. The same applies to shorts type which easily gives a clumsy impression if fotvidden exceed 23-24 centimeters. For those who prefer a classic length of the pants that reach the shoe heel, it is important to choose a Foot width pants cover the shoe back and just touching the tongue.

Trousers Raffaele Caruso, Socks Rose & Born, Shoes Santoni.