The Perfect Gift: Quick Guide To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

On this occasion, rather than ask the brides, lead me to those guys who are about to take the big step to ask for marriage!

And Yes, as you know, this requires great planning. Not only at the moment of making that important question, which should be special, unforgettable and ORIGINAL above all… by Yes outside little, know that you will give the largest gift in the world and when give a gift always waits that is perfect, this one with more reason!

Want to know how to hit with the engagement ring? Here 4 simple steps!

1 Know Your Girlfriend.

First of all, you forget your preferences, here the point is to give the ring has always dreamed of, then you’ll have to investigate your preferences, and you have to be discreet so it really is a wonderful surprise.

Before going to any jewelry, get little mental notes of some of the pieces that she already has in her jewelry box. Do you want vintage or modern cuts them more? Large or small and discrete rings? Gold or silver?

If you truly have no idea or you’re SUPER distracted and not have you noticed at all those details, you’ll have to rely on the help of friends, sisters or someone very close to her. That Yes, with the greatest possible discretion.

2 Budget

Already with the basic features defined, consider a budget and make a list of jewelry stores that conform to the same. Fortunately, there are many brands that allow you to access such information on its Web pages, some examples are Amore Mío (, where you can even build your own design online, rings and diamonds ( and Tiffany, where the variety of options that you can see is immense.

According to tradition, man must spend two months of his salary on engagement ring but is somewhat relative… actually do so or does not depend on your desire to follow the tradition, what matters is its meaning and the love and care that you choose it.

Taking this prior knowledge and budget defined, when you decide to start searching you know exactly where to go with complete safety and comfort.

  1. Technical Details.

You know what to look for and where, now we will analyze the details that will make a perfect ring.

-Choose the correct band. The band is the circular part of the ring that is placed around the finger. Usually it is made of gold, silver or Platinum, although it can be made with any other alloy metals. Here it is essential to know the extent, so you can take your wedding ring without noticing it, or you can ask in jewelry one that fits slightly large since it is easier to reduce a ring which extend it because in the second process the band Miss thickness and strength.

-Choose the correct crimp. The crimp is the piece that hold the stone and is joined to the band. It may be “teeth” or “invisible”. A crimp-type of teeth will be safer for a ring that has much use because it will hold the stone with greater efficiency.

Crimp with teeth. Simple setting.


As you’ve heard, in recent years not only classic diamonds are the protagonists of these parts, but it will have become more popular other options such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even lab diamonds. The latter are a great alternative because they cost between 5 and 10% of what is worth a traditional diamond and are just as beautiful, so it worth to be considered.

Kate Middleton engagement ring / Sapphire. Engagement ring with Ruby.

Engagement ring / Pearl. Engagement ring with Emerald.

In addition to the solitary diamonds now are half alliances, filled with small diamonds, similar to that received by Leticia Ortiz. This ring Catalan is also called and is ideal for those women that do not feel comfortable with ‘high’ stones that can hurt due to blows by the use.

Catalan sortija or Media Alliance.

If you finally decide on a traditional diamond sure you perfectly know the characteristics that these stones must have to be as beautiful and perfect possible: cut, clarity, color and carat or carat.

-Cutting. It is the precise shape and position of the facets of the diamond. There are different ways to cut them and the type you choose will impact their level of brightness. Cutting produces brighter is the round while Princess and radiant cuts are good to hide defects. Other cuts are: square, Emerald, pear, Marquise, pad, heart shape and oval.

Cutting pad. Cut pear. Round cut.

Cut heart. Princess cut. Emerald cut.

-Clear. Here is the purity of the stone, how many stains or impurities are found in its interior and surface, and where there are arranged. Perfect diamonds are highly unusual.

-Color. Ideally in a Diamond’s commitment is to be colorless. How much less color contains a white diamond, the more valuable it is.

-Carat (karat). Carats are the weight and size of the diamond. A carat equals 0.20 gram.

Now, speaking of these features, I will tell you which is the secret of Tiffany that us women: this company beyond the 4Cs mentioned values always precision cutting, the symmetry of facets and a polished top as her diamonds are cut to maximize the brightness in contrast to others who do it to maximize carats. The aesthetic difference is definitely impressive and legendary.

4 Customization.

If the simple detail and proof of love you does not seem sufficient, why not tell your future spouse that you designed the ring? Can you change the shape of the workpiece or that you record a message on the inside of the ring, I assure you that you multiplicarás infinitely the sentimental value and will make this a double surprise.

Do you have everything ready? Now just breathe, your knees… and good luck!!