The Perfect Uppviket

Rolled-up sleeves have an obvious place in summer fashion. But to get the perfect uppviket is not easy. Our site give you because the tips for success with this detail.

Today’s posts are in real danger of crossing the border for style nörderi and unhealthy vanity. All of us who shun short-sleeved shirts do know how important it is with a neat fold-up shirtsleeve. And yes, better dressed than himself insightful.

The most important part for the success of a neat turn-up is obviously the shirt and the sleeves. The advantage of looser Oxford or linen shirts is that they often have a relatively generous sleeve width that is well suited to unfold. The effect is like rolling up a pair of casual chinos; a neat case without tightening. Likewise, the skjortmanschetten an important part. Leisure Shirts in precisely linen or oxford quality tend to have a relatively smooth cuff grateful to unfold. Shirts with double cuffs are much more difficult to neatly rolled up on. Do not forget to snap up sleeve placket.

How far the wearer to fold up his shirt sleeve is of course a matter of taste. For total freedom of movement and to protect the shirt example from spattering from the grill folds carrier advantageously up shirt sleeve or just above the elbow. For those who only want to fold up its sleeve so that it is still covering a piece of the forearm is a good tip to first fold skjortmanschetten in half and then roll up the sleeves. Then stick the shirt better place at the same time it becomes easier to adjust the desired length. A thin shirt might actually have a cooling effect for the screen in bright sunlight.