The Ray Ban Clubmaster, New Glasses It

Yes the Wayfarer they had caused sensation last season, seeing them in colors and different models copied by other different firms to Ray Ban which sought to give its contribution to this as Chanel. Rachel Bilson not blew theirs in green for no reason.

The retro trend continues, Ray Ban remains the fashion firm by which a friend inseparable from the Wayfarer can remain happy. However, you may have to change their classic Wayfarer black for a new model of the firm that the accessory it’s next season: the Clubmaster.

Ray Ban It has opted to relaunch this classic model whose charm lies in that it does not have a full frame, but half moon with what makes this model more formal and stylish than the Wayfarer that are more alternative and rock. But not subtract them charm years 50’s that Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson We illustrate to perfection.

For this relaunch, the firm gave a party in New York last week and there could see how the famous decided that this new style of sunglasses may be used. However, someone who had anticipated all was Mary-Kate Olsen, who with his careless style, managed to revive the style of Lennon with another very little round model but who opted for the simplicity of the Clubmaster for a more sophisticated touch.

The boys of Gossip Girl wore them with the same style that demonstrated in the two seasons of the series. Particularly the modleo blue of Ed Westwick I loved it and with the red leather jacket to the James Dean of Blake Lively they are also well.

But it’s definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal who has best shown the style of the Clubmaster with her personal vintage style. Do you like them? I think I already have my Christmas gift.