The Return of Shoes

¿Does who says that the shoes are only for running? Down the street, at events, even on fashion runways! Shoes of life are no longer just for going to the gym or practice sport in the open air: now, the shoes will be part of your daily outfit Yes or Yes,get some Olympus and discover with J’ j’hayber how to dress them!

Street Style dress

Joining this new fashion is comfortable and simple because we all have a couple in our closet. For example, a simple dress as that of the blogger of the image, before you’d put an ankle and heel, now craze it with your Olympus with style! You have white sneakers in your closet wallpaper allows you to create outfits casual but stylish with those who eat the world and the sidewalk according to ledlightsclassified.

Formal look

They are a possible combination! If you think in gauzy dresses or American, you’ll think in fixed shoes, heels or at least, much more serious. Dowhy not bet on the shoes? Your look wins originality and comfort, it is also an extra touch to step on with force.

Mono-color look

We love this look: white sneakers as our Olympus with a completely black outfit with which exit to take a walk, to work or with your friends,it is very versatile! The most important is to combine spot colors to not create a too excessive outfit: shoes, being of a pure color, we can combine them with a completely black outfit to create an interesting contrast.

Elegance in slippers

This look is sleek and sophisticated, and we can combine it with a great shoe! This form of informal so carefully look is great for day to day without neglecting your taste for fashion: thanks to this new fashion, sophisticated garments can be combined with shoes and you will be comfortable without sacrificing style. Perfect for our Olympus!

You how to combine your J’ j’hayber?