The Shoes in the Summer Heat

Summer has arrived in earnest. To dress for the warm temperature without having to stand in the shade and sweat is not easy. Especially not when it comes to shoes.

The light canvas shoes, espadrilles models and moccasins are all good choices for the summer season. These shoes are relatively sensitive to rain and bad weather compensation of breathability. For those who are in need of something more dressed-up models is no more difficult to find the right shoes. Look especially for models with thin leather layer without substantial insoles. Perforated leather is a good option to cool the feet. Also note that the outsole plays a big role. A thick rubber sole is not recommended when it’s this hot. Thinner leather soles breathable great.

Among the models are dressed loafers often the best choice as lace often cover a larger part of the foot. Another important part is the shoe color. Lighter colors are clearly preferable during the summer when they absorb less sunlight than dark diton. And as always, it is important to let the shoes rest. Avoid wearing shoes two days in a row and set the shoes happy outdoors after use to ventilate properly.