The Smartwatch to Have Well Located to the Smallest

Smartwatches for the little ones? We already showed that there was some company making them, as in the case ofFiLIP.

As they themselves return to charge with the second version of the device.

Designed to go to the market by the American operator AT&T, and with the Christmas dates ahead, it has a telephone inside. Hence its relationship with the operator (we do not know if it will work with another).

FiLIP 2 is essentially a small phone on the wrist, so it does not have a restrained size, in addition to being designed with a strong product in mind. Much colorful in its plastic, rounded shapes to be attractive.

Have The Small Ones Located

Although many may begin to think that it is too early for the little ones to be related to all kinds of gadgets, the developer thinks of Filip II as an element of control and security .

For example, ” safe zones ” can be set so that an alarm goes off if the child has left or entered. It is also possible to have the child at all times, thanks to the coordinates provided by GPS, GSM and WiFi.

Inside Is A Telephone.

With regard to phone features, FiLIP 2 can register five numbers in the phonebook, from which you can receive calls, and also make them.

Boys can search a name in the phone book, call and send a location message to a priority user, which if it does not answer, can be sent to the next one in the list. So until someone answers. The way to jump the emergency system is by pressing the red button for three seconds:

Okay, most things were already done the original model, but here the mobile applications-first iOS, later Android – needed to monitor and control the clockhave been improved, in addition, the screen and the body of the watch becamemore resistant. There are also new colors available.

When does FiLIP 2 cost? For in the United States is priced at $ 100, which will rise to $ 150 over Christmas. It does not seem very expensive, but the trick of the matter is that you have to take a monthly plan of ten dollars with the operator.

The idea seems very similar to the LG Kizon, but the main difference is that in the Korean model there is no screen, and therefore is much simpler in possibilities for the small user.

We can interpret that the people of FiLIP have wanted to create an intermediate element, which prevents that children still can not access their first smartphone, but are controlled by the parents. The creators put their product in children under the age of eleven.