The Style of Fashion Is Being Rebellious, as Taylor Momsen

This season coming loaded with proposals seeking to break with classical fashions and propose new styles airs them where modern and rebels mandan and famous as Taylor Momsen, Gossip Girl, are the stars of these trends.

The young actress’s only 16 years you are creating school very soon and has become an icon to follow, therefore, that until the Japanese edition of the Nylon magazine It devotes its cover and a very complete editorial.

We take this opportunity and learn some tricks.

First of all, the slogan “just be as you are” comes to tell us I know yourself and that in style is not an easy task. In this particular, the know yourself is to be informal, rebel, very open to any combination or fashion.

Gives equal to mix a few peep toes with a bubble gum pink sock to propose a body to dress. It gives equal, nylon, cotton or leather for clothing. Anything goes.

The t-shirts are wide, very wide. It is the spirit of punk mixed with other fashions as grunge, especially in the way of styling, fashion where the reference of Courtney Love is close enough.

Platinum blond dye, generous lips bar, Red passion, shadow eye without worry and painted nails. That Yes, the loose hairstyle, very scruffy and it seems that we have not been five hours in front of the mirror to get that effect.

In the matter of dress, the Prints also mandan. The animal print above all. Big cardigans to be worn with more male boots.

The more feminine side, provided by a short skirt very cute is contrasted with a Denim jacket more male and with the scruffy appearance of hairstyle.

And all without forgetting the references of the University, symbols on the jerseys, t-shirts or in the jackets, it seem straight out of the baseball team.

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