The Three Faces of Pop and Marina Abramovic

You work in a magazine and your director, very considerate and democratic, asks you to ti and all your mates like who see a cover of special issue. What would you answer? As in the magazine POP they responded that the artist Marina Abramovic said and done.

He was asking for that mouth and director of POP got his orders and ordered that they be brought to dress it, accompany it of Freja Beha and let it do what come you wants, which is an artist for that.

The result, three covers of Special Edition in which we see a Marina, which puppet the top shoulder, Marina mini and maxi which Mari Carmen and her dolls…

And a portrait of the setback made up half geisha, half MIME. Not in vain she is a pioneer of performance, the use of his body to transmit an action in a certain time and it seems that these 30 years of leading the Yugoslav avant-garde art is what more avant have taken her to the magazine cover garde.

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