The Unforgettable First Bra!

Every woman has been there and knows how the choice of the first bra is important. Is a passing phase of girl for adult life. Girl’s dreams still exist and often the will to play doll too, but the body is already changing and transforming this girl into a woman.

Is a very important moment in the life of every girl, as well as the animation to have a piece that only “older” use, there is an emotional conflict is not a kid anymore, but still not be an adult. Win the first bra is one of the landmarks that all girls go by in life. That little piece of cloth is more than just a piece of clothing: it is one of the first signs that childhood is falling behind and adolescence with its conflicts and love is closer than you can imagine.

There is no right age to begin using the first BRA, but it is common to make the first right after the growth of glands in the region, the famous carocinhos. At that time, the breast usually sensitive and sore and the mark on the clothes, then this is the best time.

The participation of parents in this phase, which takes place usually between 10 and 13 years, is fundamental for the girl not only acquire the appropriate template as well as find opening to talk to adults about pertinent topics such as sexuality.

At the time of purchase, worth taking into consideration the comfort, since this girl isn’t used to wear the bra and soft and light fabrics, such as cotton, which help the sweating.

If she want more support, choose models with hoop, but remember that the pad should be used for those who already have the breasts more formed. The seamless are more comfortable and prevent allergies.