The (Unique) Trend of The Moment? Hide The Hair Inside Your Jersey Turtleneck

There trends do not understand but the bloggers that do so. Although more than trends often move by strange fashions that good cannot be considered trend (or other?): one mimicking the other and vice versa, and at the end all end up looking like. And I speak not only of clothes or accessories… long live the #postureo! Is the latest trend alert that we get from fashion blogs hide it under the high neck mane. Yes, Yes, play with the optical effect and leave that the us hot tangle of hair the nape of the neck in a direct way.

Although once you get home and you get the jersey, I do not even imagine how scrambled the hair. At least for all those with a very fine hair: merely bring scarf I am which is dragged. OLE you.

With the passage of the weeks are many which hide his mane behind the jersey

Camille over the rainbow, The blonde salad, pernille, We Look wore what… The list of blogs is endless, and with the arrival of the cold much I am afraid that the invasion will be inevitable. Although we do not know who has been the drive, since a few weeks ago, whenever a girl sheaths is a jersey of these features looks it in the same way. And it is not that it feels wrong, the truth is that it could be up to original. Obviously not the panacea they have invented, but seeing every day the same thing on every page just boring.

This peculiar fashion does not understand haircuts: with long hair long or medium, all the girls run to hide it to create an optical effect where it seems that your hair that shines is shorter than normal (sometimes leaving certain sections out).

The version made in Spain comes from the hand of aida and her blog Dulceida. It is that a few weeks ago already that it points to the fashion and thus we see in each of your ticket.

What you think about the end result?

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