The Unwashed Jeans

In search of the perfect wardrobe, it’s very easy to end up with unnecessary number of garments that are never used. Not least when it comes to jeans, where the vast majority actually manage with a single pair.

People who like to indulge in the exclusive Japanese denim qualities and generally geeky jean details must excuse. Except for the most avid denim devotees are a pair of jeans sufficient. You just have to find a model that fits the entire wardrobe registers. From office style with the odd blazer to the day after the upholstery with wrinkled button-down shirt and pullover.

Jeans are a garment that requires a lot of use to get a stylish wear. Instead of buying ten pairs of jeans in different shades, a few unwashed in a classic model to fill the exact same needs. Moreover, with a neater fit and more personal wear.

Model-wise, a narrow (while not slim) model with relatively high branch a good starting point. A higher waist makes the jeans fit well to coat. And as with all the heavy material is a slimmer model often preferable to the pants should not be perceived as drawling. Personally, I have stuck to the APC Original Standard. The fit is very classical and slightly tapered at the bottom, which makes the model can be worn with slightly shorter clearance. In addition, overall a solid feel in both fabric and details without any visible logos.