The White Briefs

Garments and lingerie is a topic receiving undeservedly little space here at our site. Perhaps because it is a product category that is primarily associated with tiresome macho-fueled campaigns and generally hysterical design. The White Briefs is a new Swedish brand that contrary ensures the product’s simplicity.

– The idea was born just over a year ago when I stopped at Bjorn Borg White. We looked at the food and wanted to see if we could find something similar in fashion. A simple product for our everyday needs. Then came the idea of ​​the cleana white briefs, which later developed into a small collection of underwear and garments. The name was sitting there right away, says Peter Simonsson, who together with his wife Henriette started The White Briefs.

The entire collection, which currently consists of over ten products, including three models underwear, T-shirts, tank tops and kimono is made of pure organic cotton quality called Interlock. A quality that has built-in flexibility of the fabric all directions.
– Many manufactures underwear choose to blend cotton with Lycra for example, which we think gives a somewhat anonymous and unchanging impression. We want our garments will have to get some character after use. While this is a tremendous quality of service and that, unlike many other cotton fabrics do not stretch too much after use. For buttons, we use a material called Corozo, which is a kind of nut. All garments can obviously be washed at 60 degrees, says Peter.

If you look at much of today’s lingerie, it’s very much about marketing through large logos and massive advertising campaigns. How do you see it?
– I do not understand that they as individuals want to act advertisement for something you actually buy. But because we thought that there was a niche for a brand that clearly put the carrier in focus with no visible logos. At the same time we do not see The White Briefs as a purely underwear, but for us, this is as much basic clothing and casual wear such as underwear. Some will surely wear our T-shirts hidden under the shirt, while others wear them much more visible in the example blazer or jacket.

How has it been working with this relatively simple category of products?
– After working so long in fashion, I asked myself the obvious question of whether it was going to release a brand that started from something as simple as a pair of underpants. While it was an interesting challenge to test how far it is possible to refine the product. We have always focused on getting components to instead make them really good. Now we will continue in the white track but also to allow other types of garments in other colors, this has been a great way to get to know and be clear on the market.

How has the response been?
– Actually exceeded expectations. We showed up the collection for the very first time in Paris in October. We have already begun to sell some stores in Japan, New York and Paris as well as Jus and Nitty Gritty in Sweden. At the end of the week I go to Paris for the spring fair, which will be fun.