The White Pants

Despite all the lack of functionality is the white pants hard to resist. Stylish both strong colors that faded shades of beige and with a sophisticated elegant feel they have an obvious place in your summer wardrobe.

Model-wise, making the color well in both the straight and narrow in on the skyline. However, avoid a too tight fit, which is not even flattering for the fittest. For a further and straight silhouette can be sewn type is recommended to give the pants a stylish case. Material-wise, I personally think that the thinner cotton or linen qualities are better suited than denim and often gives a somewhat heavy feel. The feeling should be airy and relaxed in front of the super slim.

The white pants are also very grateful to combine with other garments and colors. Not least, they are a good alternative to the khaki colored chinosen for example a navy top. The white color has an uplifting effect on the other colors. Equally well for colorful blazer in linen quality as well as a gray-beige top. A tip for the truly style conscious is to select buttons his jacket in the nacre, which takes up the color of the pants.

But how are they to keep clean? Horrible. Therefore, they are suitable also in principle only to the summer for the Swedish climate. Likewise, it is highly recommended to choose a glass of white, especially red wine or rosé.