The White Shirt, Tips For A Modern And Sophisticated Look

This season has pulled out of the drawer of the trends the immortal white shirt and, we warn you, will be a must for the Spring / Summer 2015: a leader who only a superficial eye might think of as devoid of personality, banal and suitable only for an office look. Actually this garment contains a world and is able to communicate security and self-confidence.

Gianfranco Ferré has made it a cornerstone of his stylistic development, making it possible for this garment to be the underlying theme of a solid and wonderful project, speaking of lines, shapes, volumes and one tone: white. Recently, the white shirt is back in vogue and walkways for the upcoming spring/summer 2015 is confirmed; but despite being a clean and linear head it is often not worn for fear of falling into banality or anonymous. To overcome this panic “boring woman invisibly” the options are endless.

The white shirt looks good in a jeans pretty clear and masculine cut, union which can be completed with an athletic shoe with some colorful detail. This garment is suitable to be combined with a flared skirt of average length in bright tones, so as to create a game of contrasts that makes the fun look, and at the same time.
In the event that the shirt had a soft silhouette and large forms, it would be ideal match it to a classic high-waisted trousers, gray or black, and to complete the look of the neckline with wide heels would be perfect.

If you want to combine this garment to a cigarette pants you can choose to enrich the look with a blazer by heavy geometries that go to define the personality of the outfit. Another combination is given an absolute winner dall’accoppiata white shirt and tight jeans complemented by a pullover round neck by neutral tones and lace male flavor.

Regardless of the chosen combination you can always decide to define the spirit of the white shirt through an accessory that highlights the garment personality. Among these one can opt, for example, for a jewel collar that gives a touch of brightness, or to a patterned scarffrom shades crayon, otherwise for a necklace abundant pearl color champagne. As you can see the cleanliness of the head allows for many combinations and possibilities that are able to satisfy all tastes and all styles.

To create your look using as central garment white shirt, you can get some ideas from the pictures that we have chosen for you at