Therapy Recycle and Exorcism: Fashion That Reversiona Vintage

Sisters Mariangeles and Paula Aguirre – one in Berlin, Germany and the other in Córdoba, Argentina – 2012 decided to exorcise the “ghosts”, remove the useless and give new life to the clothes of second hand, under the label Therapy Recycle & exorcism. This brand of sustainable fashion argentina – German based on the concept “reworked vintage” (recycled vintage / redesigned), has been found in Chile not only a place to get your “raw”, but also to give life to interesting collaborative works. They will count today more details about its commitment to creative.

The proposed Therapy Recycle & exorcism

“Therapy Recycle & exorcism is a sustainable brand, primarily alternative, with a spirit ”
rebel and outsider that is based on the pursuit and strengthening of identity through the breakdown of certain paradigms and structures away from ethical fashion and creativity “.

The factors that influence the creative process Therapy Recycle & exorcism

“We created our own codes, based on what you describe before and our instinct,
own baggage, learning, experience and experimentation according to Really do not follow rules by not
be compliant with them often, for which we develop our own codes, which make us feel in tune and comfortable with what you want to convey. ”

Create fashion with local identity for Therapy Recycle & exorcism

“Fashion has become a mass movement of global interest thanks to the development of technology and the immediacy of social networks. So today we can access what is used anywhere in the world and in real-time through blogs, platforms and digital magazines, and even through the millions of selfies per minute on Instagram.
This has led to a dual effect: on the one hand, the unification of trends reproduced throughout the planet without a particular local identity – or at best, originated in a sector creator of trends to be then played worldwide – and on the other hand, as a counterpart of this, the search for a distinctive style. This phenomenon is a constant in fashion and is perpetuated with the pursuit of membership through the reference groups, and at the same time, the quest for differentiation, in both cases adapted to the dictatorship of the mass trends.
The importance of fashion with local identity intensifies as the interest and education in design expands to new generations, achieving effect a fashion which emerges more forcefully under the independent design and copyright, which in turn is supported by the rupture of those authoritarian schemes that involve human exploitation , marginalization and environmental pollution, and seeking awareness, return to the roots, to nature, the ethical, the sustainable. Here is when local techniques and workmanship, is revalued that printed the label to each region, achieving inclusion and strengthening the lost identity, and that merged with technological developments give as a result the emergence of new and better products.
For us is of great importance give value to the local as it is what makes us unique in the eyes of the other, in the eyes of the big brother of fashion. Therefore, since Therapy we try to always include elements that identify us as argentinas in our productions. Have a line called Gaucho Dark and that merges two of our strengths of inspiration: by one side, the Creole, the folklore and on the other hand, our dark side, demons that we exorcizamos through creativity. Our brand is distributed on two continents and for the same reason we raise a banner to our origins, our bagage and identity.”

The biggest challenges facing a brand like Therapy today

“The biggest challenge is maybe the same one that gives us the greatest satisfaction: Search, selection and the curatorship of the raw material and inspiration to produce our clothes, which by its quality of remanufactured and recycled from other parts, are unique (an of each).” We are passionate for travelling and our work is the reflection of our style of life. Therapy – that for us is actually more a hobby than a job – based with travel, and at the same time, the travel support with Therapy. In this way, the development of the brand is for us a constant adventure and a way to capitalize, materialize, and positively sharing our learning with others, a return to the universe in gratitude to life and help to achieve a better world.
We believe in the power of you, there are no secrets. Everything is proportional to the will, the desire and energy each day one puts their endeavors, dreams and desires. That is our mantra, which helps us to overcome any difficulty and of course the power of the love that unites us as sisters.”

The future of Therapy Recycle & exorcism?

“We take the future very calmly, without ever moving and look forward. But
We enjoyed every step we take, because what most motivates us is just the pleasure of
working together on this project. Our connection as sisters and co-workers is
very strong. We had fun, we complement each other, share interests, and we are very clear that
the Alchemy is what enables us to carry out the brand, beyond the physical distances and the
paths that each goes on par with Therapy. So we are aware that for future, we have to enjoy the present, that’s our mantra”.
Downtown Highlights: Photo 1-5 (February 2016) Photo: Daniel Hermosilla / Styling: Enzo Santi / MUA: Camila Vergara / Photo Assistant: Victoria Shannon / Model: Nina for Rebel Chile – Outsider: Photo 6-9 (October 2015)

Ph: Paula Aguirre / Styling: Paula Aguirre / model: Caterina Araya Kruchen for Rebel Chile / shoes: Arteaga by Esteban Arteaga / costumes: Therapy / acknowledgements: Premium Tours and Lodging Lyon Apartments Providencia.