They Have Done to Be Fan of The Culottes

Culotte pants: a somewhat difficult garment which started to see this last summer and that threatens to flood the streets of this new season autumn/winter 2014 / 2015. I have to say the truth: this horrified me to levels stratospheric. Inhuman. It was those garments that never said of takes them use it. And here you have me, with his head down and admitting that I begin to feel Ding by them.

Thanks to them, a girls foot with much charm and style that perfectly combine this kind of pants. With athletic shoes or high heels, the culottes squander style at every step giving.

That Yes, the goal is to find the length, width and the perfect fabric. Because each ultimately ends up being a completely different item. Is true that the possibilities of that you feel well are not very high but ah! When you find this model that makes you shine… you have everything!

What you think about the end result?

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