Thinking at Halftime? Take a Look at These Jackets for Sale

We are in the summer, Yes, but this will not last forever, and although us despite soon will have to start to change the chip and start thinking at halftime. At halftime and in the famous halftime garments, but hear no evil which for sake not come and yet we hunting real bargains in the sales!

Enter a store and go from rebajeo at this point is synonymous with tops and shirts piled up in two ramshackle donkeys, loose and unattractive sizes, however the area of jackets and coats are usually ranked just touching. This is the moment, time to hunt the bargain of the season.

  • American boyfriend in tone Uterqüe boiler, for 39.95 euros. Before 125 euros.
  • Of Bimba and Lola camel leather jacket, by 236 euros. Before 590 euros.
  • Wrap with marbled Uterqüe point, for 39.95 euros. Before 145 euros.
  • Denim jacket with floral print of Pull & Bear for 7.99 euros. Before 29.99 euros.

Blazers, leather jackets or coats of open point, Bimba & Lola, Uterqüe and Zara stores still have hung incredible prices on items like these, you just need to pay attention and cross your fingers that still left your size. And happy shopping!

  • Trench with sleeves effect skin of Stradivarius, for 19.99 euros. Before 59.95 EUR.
  • Blazer Zara snake print, for 29.99 euros. Before 59,05 euros.
  • Blazer Zara flower print, for 19.99 euros. Before 49,95 EUR.
  • Jacket fringed Uterqüe, for $ 99.95 euros. Before 225 euros.

Cover photo | Polienne

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