This is the LG Watch Urbane in Video

At the end of August last year came the LG G Watch R , an intelligent watch that we would analyze shortly after and that showed clear virtues as a reference of design in this segment.

Only the Moto 360 managed to convince us more in the comparison we made earlier this year.

One of the sections that conditioned the appeal of the LG device was its sports finish, but this manufacturer has been very attentive and has just released a version that precisely solves that section. The LG Watch Urbane is a smart watch with a more elegant and traditional design that also hides another very promising additional feature. This has been our contact according to mustownjewelry.

Same Visual Appeal But Now More Comfortable

LG has not only paid attention to the materials of the new box, which is now steel, but have slightly reduced the volume, thickness and weight of this device. The LG Watch Urbane does not give that sensation that other products in which the size stood out in a dangerous way, and as stated by those responsible for the firm, the objective was also tobring these devices to a female audience that at the moment seems to be somewhat removed Of the ambition of most manufacturers.

The truth is that everything in the LG Watch Urban offers good sensations: that steel finish and the new leather strap-genuine, another point on the straps present in the LG G Watch R (in both cases we can exchange it for any of 22 Mm) – make it a product much more in line with what the user of traditional watches could expect.Steel has no ornament whatsoever – or even the numerical marks of its little brother – and that has only one drawback: metal is a constant trap. It is not a serious problem, of course, and the advantages outweigh that little inconvenience.

Wifi As A Novelty In Connectivity

To this improvement in the design is added hardware that matches everything with that of its predecessor except in a section: the inclusion of WiFi connectivity, a feature that is not currently widely used in Android Wear. It is expected that all data synchronization-or Bluetooth limitations when, for example, transferring music to the internal memory of the device-clearly benefits from this option, that yes, it will also have an impact on The battery.

Everything in the LG proposal is really remarkable – to ask would ask GPS-and only remains that Android Wear offers more and more improvements gradually to become a platform that makes the smart clock is even more “round” than ever. The Moto 360 already has a competitor at its height (may be above) in every way. A great job from the people in charge of LG, which we hope will soon confirm the price of this device so attractive.