This Spring 2009 Join The Eclectic Style

Stripes with flowers, pictures with tropical print, futuristic style and Python, or Saharan effect Flake, This spring 2009 anything goes, and the best way to not break you too the head is to flee the total look and mix all of the trends without a hair cut you off.

The eclectic look seems fun and brilliant, it is clear that you must be careful and much hand as that of the original we can pass to the tacky, but the publishers of the best magazines and women more trendy give us tracks that do not fail.

Would you like to try? Read!

The basic rule is do not be afraid to mix colors, textures and fabrics. Starting from there, (almost) anything goes.

¿Pictures and flowers? Yes, please!

And but they tell it to Gloria Baume, fashion Director of Teen Vogue (firm candidate to a women with style).

Although the detail of socks is only suitable for brave…