Thousand and One Skirts to Teach The Legs [50 Sweethearts The Summer]

Skirts are an ideal garment and very cool for summer. Usually we usually opt for used dresses or shorts in summer, and we tend to leave relegated skirts, but they are actually very versatile garments that you can combine with a multitude of garments. Tops, t-shirts with message, light shirts and lingerie tops are with crop. The type of skirt it is to your taste, but in summer a skirt short and with a bit of flight are the perfect model for the warmer months.

Summer skirts

  • Slightly flared denim miniskirt of Pull & Bear, for 5.99 euros.
  • Neoprene with floral print skirt and low with steering wheel of Cortefiel, for 12,99 EUR.
  • White denim striped in black miniskirt of See By Chloe, 123 euros.
  • Mini skirt with salmon-colored tables of Zara, for 9,99 euros.
  • Short skirt patterned black triangles with white background animals of Kling, per 13,95 EUR.

Cover photo | Mango

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