Three Forgotten Exercises that Work to Burn Fat

Remember the subject of physical education College? We were made to perform exercises that may now seem passé or obsolete, but some of them are Basic in any fat burning workout.

They are exercises that we have kept in the trunk of memories, but now that about the time get the swimwear, swimsuit and bikini can be of much help. Let’s review these three forgotten but effective exercises.

Jumping Jacks to raise our temperature

If there was an exercise that was not lacking in physical education, that was the Jumping Jack. Perhaps didn’t call it so, but surely that all have to do it once.

We start from standing position, with arms placed on both sides of the body and feet together. From there, we give a jump to fall with legs open to one width a little greater than the hips, and at the same time raise arms up to place them on the sides of the head. We give another leap, and return to the starting position.

This exercise is great for warming, since our heart rate increases, does our heart function, and also involves muscles of the whole body. You can also include it in periods of active rest if you are performing a training circuit.

Without a doubt, a good ally to awaken to our whole body and raise our temperature.

Knees to chest: Champions jumps

Personally, I remember that I started to tremble whenever he had to make jumps of knees to the chest in physical education class. Whether it is raising both legs at the same time, or one and one, is a demanding exercise, because it means much to the muscles of the core to stabilize the posture.

The most common mistake is to tilt the back backward up the knees: with this all we get is to destabilize us even more, since we are moving the center of gravity of the body. Try keep your back straight at all times.

In addition to working the abdominal and lumbar butt, it is jumping this exercise is demanding cardiovascular level and a good power in the undercarriage.

A full exercise that will take us to upload keystrokes in a short time.

Mountain climbers or climbers: abdominal movement

When he was at school had no idea of what we were made to carry out this exercise, but looking at it now I think one of the most complete and best allies in fat burning.

From the plank position, took a knee to the chest, and then the other: we do not stop halfway through the year, but it is doing so dynamic.

Once again, a good cardiovascular workout, we also work with which the central area of our body and also our top train, that supports the weight of the trunk.

A good alternative is doing in suspension, with the help of a TRX: abdominal super activated to stabilize us and have a correct posture during all the.

Do you remember any other forgotten exercise that you want to return to your workouts?