Tie in Fine Knits

The knitted tie is seriously looking into the modern wardrobe. From being an accessory associated with corduroy-clad literature professors, many have now woken up to the slightly looser ties. A slipstyp who has not received the attention it deserves is the fine-knit.

The tie easily fall in the category of party clothes for a little fancier occasions. Together with the Finnish coat and tails and hands may gather dust until a relative marries or takes the student. For those whose work does not require tie is looser ties a welcomed idea.

The fine-knit tie spins on in the same relaxed feel as their crocheted ditto, but with a little lighter and thinner feeling. If crocheted ties sometimes can be experienced as well robust, the feel of the fine-knit just as casual, but slightly softer.

The big problem is that this type of ties is relatively difficult to obtain. For this is rarely a necktie manufacturer engaged. A tip is rather to look at the distinctive specialists in knitwear such as British John Smedley tie in the picture comes from the Italian stockings Gallo.