Tips for Choosing Your Clothes

What do I wear? Typical phrase that we say every morning and that takes away a lot of time.It’s time to save that headache and take advantage of the remaining time to rest a few more minutes that never come bad. So, we started the challenge of the tips against what I wear.

Tips To Avoid What I Wear Today

1. Think About What To Wear The Night Before|What Do I Wear Today

Let’s face it, in general, it costs us much more to think about what to wear than to them. Whatever his profession, the uniform pick him fast: suit or Chinese with shirt. It’s that simple. However, we must think with what shoes we match that dress or what top is the ideal for the office. That’s why it’s important to avoid what I get up with in the morning, thinking about it the night before and being able to wake up with clear ideas according to mbakecheng.

2. Check The Weather On The Next Day|What Do I Wear Today

Have you ever left the house with a new jacket and come to the office freezing cold? Or, on the other hand, did you have to carry the coat because the temperatures were higher than you thought? It is clear that for laziness we do not look at the weather but apart from avoiding what I wear, you will avoid a good cooling. All this could be avoided by just taking a quick look at weather forecasts.

3. Choose According To Your Profession|What Do I Wear Today

This trick is perfect for those who go crazy when it comes to buying clothes. If you are looking for clothes for the day to day, it is best to choose clothes that fit your profession and save time and money.

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4. Learn To Combine Tones|What Do I Wear Today

If you take a look at your closet, you will probably find a multitude of colors and textures.However, if you have a repertoire of garments of neutral tones, it will be easier to combine your clothes. For example, if you have white and beige shirts, they will be the best allies of jeans, colored skirts and black leggings.

5. Create Your Own Uniform|What Do I Wear Today

No, we do not mean that you rescue your kilt and long medley years the school is over. We mean that you create a star outfit-that is, a Chinese shirt and pants or skirt and top-on which to add variations. It will be very useful to take advantage of your clothes.

6. The First Thing Is Shoes | What Do I Wear Today

Having already your chosen look and not finding shoes to match is very frustrating. Get rid of those annoyances by opting to start dressing your feet.

7. Iron the clothes you wear during the week|What do I wear today

Another thing that gives a lot of anger is finding the shirt that you wanted to get full of wrinkles.Save time by ironing, in your spare time, the clothes you tend to wear throughout the week.And, if you do not like to iron, buy clothes that do not wrinkle or are easy to stretch.

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8. Never Put On Dirty Clothes | What Do I Wear Today

Needless to say but, really, do not. You may not think it’s used but you’re wrong and it smells bad …

9. Have Your Wardrobe Well Tidy |What Do I Wear Today

The simplest trick to saving time, and passing space, is to have your garments neatly tidy. T-shirts, for example, can be stored in drawers and shirts, sweaters and pants, hanging on hangers according to their color.

10. Separate Your Clothes Seasonally|What Do I Wear Today

If you have two closets, it will be easier for you.But all you have to do is divide it in two and place, on the one hand, your winter clothes and, on the other hand, those belonging to the summer season.

11. Change Of Bag On Weekend|What Do I Wear Today

Get a work bag and do not break your mind thinking about what bag goes with each outfit.

12. Have A Wildcard Look|What Do I Wear Today

For those days where the sheets have been attached, or your alarm clock has decided not to ring, you must have a reserve outfit. That is, that shirt that you like so much that sticks with all the jeans or that dress that only needs some good shoes to make you shine.

I hope you liked this post of tricks to dress every day and avoid the dreaded what I wear today !!Thank you very much for choosing us.