Tips For Combining Leggings, Which Are Fashionable

They are of all colors and patterns; In neon or black tones, with designs, glossy, leather or embroidery; We talk about leggings, those garments stuck to the limbs and that combine with all kinds of blouses.

The leggings for some people are a textile nightmare and for others, the garment par excellence;That’s why fashion experts agree on some guidelines to look good.One of the first rules is the contrast.As the leggings are narrow, they should be combined with loose-fitting tops, such as a super-large sweater or a long, loose blouse that can be fitted with a belt.

Others recommend that the upper garments be soft, with a drop.In the case of single-tone leggings, the upper garment may be stamped or of a different color to these.The idea is to play with the contrasts.

If more rocker leggings, such as leather, are used, they can be combined with a discreet upper garment, which generates an interesting effect.If they are shiny, it is not recommended to wear them with a sequined top, for example.Neither do superfine clothes look good with pants that are already in it.

Other details

The length of the garment with which leggings are combined is also key.It is recommended that they cover the hip because the finite and elastic fabric of the pants marks everything, even the defects;So you should also avoid wearing the blouses tucked inside the waist.

Women with strong thighs should also not shy away from leggings. For example, if they wear elegant ones with a jacket, the look can be spectacular.Leggings should reach the ankle.

The wide bermuda shorts combined with these pants are another possibility.However, it is not recommended to use them with miniskirts, something reserved for teenagers.

Leggings fit both fashion for free time and the most festive attire, everything depends on complements.However, they are less suitable for the office.

Other advantages of this type of clothing is that, depending on the blouse worn, you can use varied shoes, from high heels, tennis shoes, to boots or boots.

For them?

If combined well, leggings can even be a garment for men.It is about creating a cicilista look, wearing shorts on the leggings.Depending on the material, this gives a sporty or even extravagant look according to