Tips For Wearing Your Leather Boots

Greetings, dear reader! It is a pleasure to have you again in this space dedicated to you, who follow the best fashion trends in footwear and accessories.

In Brantano we are proud to show you at every entrance the best of footwear fashion in the country, we make our trade a passion and we take it beyond a simple shoe manufacturing, we want to make our pieces a trend in which you feel Safe and comfortable when walking.

One of our star products is  leather boots, a must in any closet that is part of our passion when making new footwear trends, because they are ideal for any time of year, there are a variety of proposals and designs and are also Comfortable, very safe, because they give a better grip on the foot, so walking with them is a pleasant experience.

We love to wear leather boots, both women and men consider this shoe is very comfortable, with an exquisite design and a variety of possibilities of combination, also begins the time of year in which we can afford to use a larger Amount of times the leather boots, because the weather allows and demands that we are more protected.

That is why in this entry we want to give you several suggestions of uses of  leather boots, so that in each outfit you choose you can combine them in the best way with a look of ten:

1.- Long boots

Long boots are one of many women’s favorites. Its variety in designs, colors and textures make it a piece that many want in their closets and outfits . This type of boots is excellent with dark leggings, since they always look better and give you more seriousness in your style, they are also an excellent complement to a formal office look, as they look amazing with good jeans, a blazer And formal blouse.

They are also an excellent combination with dresses, you can use them with heaters or socks, you will see that the combination will be spectacular. To choose the perfect high boot you must know the length of your legs, if you want boots that rise beyond the knees you must have long legs, otherwise you will not benefit the design and you will see smaller stature.

2.- Short boots

Booties are definitely a must in every woman’s wardrobe, they are so combinable and wearable at different times of the year that they definitely become the ideal companions of every look you want to wear.

You can wear them with skirts, dresses, pants and shorts, leg length does not influence the choice and you can find them in various designs, colors and materials so that you can form the winning outfit for each occasion. You can wear them formally or casually, combine them with textures and patterns of your clothes, choose solid and fun colors that contrast with a neutral attire, or with patterns and textures that you can use those days of insanity and inspiration.

For men there are also many ways to take on new trends in fashion.

1.- Rain Boots

These boots were used only by the workers, they were heavy and their design too simple, generally they are manufactured in black and white colors and nobody thought of them like a possibility of fashion, but at present already exist different types of rain boots for men and women. In the case of men, you can choose from a variety of designs and materials, their bold and modern designs go with many styles of clothing, are ideal for dynamic and risky men who do not stop for anything, not even for the rain .

2.-Classic leather boots

If you do not consider yourself as risky as to wear rain boots, your thing then is the classic booties, eye, not by this means they are boring or old-fashioned. You can wear them both out of the pants and covered by them, the style is highly combinable and the colors and textures allow you to choose a large number of options according to your personality, are a must in any man’s wardrobe, you can combine them with pants Of dress, denim or persimmons.

3.-Trendy boots

If you are an avant-garde and follower of the latest trends in fashion, this type of  leather boots are ideal for you. The rider boots come with everything and you can combine them in a casual or formal look that surely will not go unnoticed, are ideal with jeans and a leather jacket, a look completely ten.


This type of boot is perfect for those who want a look out of the ordinary, with presence and comfort, are ideal with denim pants or cargo, a leather jacket or a raincoat.


These boots are perfect for urban men who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone, durable, resilient and comfortable. The design allows you to go as far as you want, go excellent with a casual look, as the skin of these boots resists any adventure. Lace them off your pants and enjoy an unusual design!

As you can see, the  leather boots have been extended to a wide range of options and design, they are ideal for any situation. In Brantano we have the best designs and proposals of season, so that you make the trends your own fashion.