Tips on Polo Shirt

Relaxed, well-dressed with intellectual sense. A polo shirt is often a satisfactory alternative to the shirt under the suit. These tips for how to avoid Hockey Coaching Look.

Choose a color that harmonizes with the rest of the upholstery and while not too close to your own skin tone, which may feel like you are wearing a body stocking. Navy blue and cocoa brown are safe color selection that is almost impossible to fail.

A polo shirt is very attractive to a dressed up like a suit, but choose a suit with naturally soft silhouette to give the right impression. Stiff shoulders and generally straight cuts rather reminiscent of inflated nightclub guard than turtleneck sweater sophisticated elegance.

The fit is everything. A polo shirt will sit neatly around the neck without either tighten or leave the excess space.

Choosing a collar whose height is balanced with the neck is fundamental. People with high neck can advantageously select a wide neck, while people with slightly shorter neck should choose a shirt with slightly thicker and lower-cut collar.

Choose a sweater in stylish materials such as cashmere or fine ullkvalitéer. Dassigt washed-cotton versions are rarely tidy. A polo shirt should feel luxurious.

For the spectacle wearer, it is neat to further frame the face with a pair of selected frames.