Tips on Transitional Fashion

The fashion world is clearly divided between spring and autumn. When the stores reat their last linen shirts replenished supply of heavy ullrockar. Really is rarely defined. Therefore our site offers tips on how to best manage the transition period between late summer and autumn biting cold.

A good raincoat is a must in the closet. Not least for the Swedish climate. Anyone who wants to use their rock a maximum advised to choose a model with removable inner lining, causing the coat can be adapted to the prevailing temperature. Sealup.

Learn of the Italian style and let the jacket outerwear act under rain-free days. Corneliani ID.

Wearing a cardigan under his jacket or suit is a stylish way to customize the cover for the colder weather. Note, however, not to choose a too thick model, which can destroy his jacket shape. Zanone.

Remember to break the drab autumn colors with a lighter shirt. A gray or brown blazer is the prettiest of contrasting shirt in light blue, lavender or pink. Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura.

Those who want to skip the jeans should be during the autumn season look for pants in thin wool quality. Avoid too coarse tweed or flannel trousers, which is practically impossible to carry on a modern office. Incotex.

It’s all about the right shoes. Choose a darker color that is not too sensitive to rain splash. Gaziano & Girling.

When the cold seriously thronging it is important to protect your hands because they will not become dry. Dent.