Tips on Tweed Jacket

For many, the fall season is almost synonymous with the British country life romance and not least tweed jacket. But successfully carry up this garment without looking like a relic from the academic world is anything but simple. Therefore our site tips and inspiration on how to best succeed.

– It’s all in the fit. A tweed jacket should never be perceived as baggy, further strengthening the material mossy feeling.

– A light shirt, for example, light blue or purple breaking nicely by the matte and muted surface.

– Silk and leather accessories are grateful to wear to compensate tweedtygets rough surface with little luster and color.
..liksom Elbow patches that are equally stylish and practical detail.

– Tweed jacket means undoubtedly brown shoes. Black perceived as being too formal for this

– Finally, tweed jacket need not mean stiff upper lip. Try to skip the tattersallrutiga shirt and knitted tie in favor of a more casual silk scarf if you feel stiff in the former.