Tips Use And History Of The Leggings (Informal Fashion)

The leggings, these articles of clothing covering legs from the feet to the waist, stormed the fashion world back in the 1980s when singers like Marta Sánchez and, above all, Madonna, began them to use wanting to give a personal, relaxed and natural touch to your images of pop divas. Subsequently other celebrities such as Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton or Hillary Duff have incorporated this fashion garment to your wardrobe.
Actually the leggings, even being a clearly feminine and designed garment for women, have their origin in the famous breeches men used in the middle ages, a piece of clothing that was the origin of the name panties, which finally led to the current leggings, a very comfortable garment and currently continues in fashion.

The leggings are usually made with synthetics such as nylon and lycra (the fabric of the leggings sometimes also is called specifically spandex), to give them a greater elasticity so they are halfway between a garment of female gymnastics and some tights. In principle you can think that it is a piece of clothing that serves only to protect themselves from the cold, but current designers also use it for the purpose of deeply aesthetic character, having introduced in its preparation materials more related with the world of fashion as cotton, leather (in the style of the singer Kesha) or even latex.

The Leggings have some similarity with jeans skinny that were fashionable many years ago and that more than any woman sure that he retains stored in the attic. But the similarities are always odious, because in our opinion the leggings are much more showy and elegant than those skinny pants.
Today there are no female, teenager, young and not so young, you have in your wardrobe several leggings, a garment comfortable, versatile, combinable with almost everything, wearable at any time and, in addition, a type of clothing that is among the favorite by the male eye, especially if the woman who wears them looks a good silhouette. It is ideal to do gymnastics, for shopping, walking, and even to go out at night.

There is who gets this garment with waterproof and bag of large size, which the joint with super short t-shirts, shoes and decorated belts, and women who like to combine them with shirt dresses that fit the waist using a wide belt and shoes type flats.

Currently, one of the celebrities that used the leggings is Lindsay Lohan, who has made his first steps as a fashion designer and has used them extensively in some of its collections. The singer Rihanna is one of the fans of this garment fashionable.

There are Leggings for all tastes and types of women, and more and more are the fabrics used in its preparation, including Cashmere, wool and even PVC. Nor do we want to mention the latest trend, whose greatest exponent is the controversial singer Lady Gaga, take ripped leggings as if a pair of jeans is involved (although this style do not like us too).

Leggings and shoes

The type of shoe that should be used to wear some leggings is varied. If we take a fewballerinas, we will adopt a casual look and we will make a large number of activities with great comfort. They are also available with high heels, wearing a look of mostvintage. They Sandals are also a type of footwear suitable for this type of clothing, sandals and patterned Leggings or colors are very well seen in the summer and beach areas.

Tips for properly wearing leggings

To make the most possible to your leggings, it is advisable to bear in mind the following tips:

If we attend a formal event, the recommended color is black.

Use them with shorts or shorts, both garments must be of the same color.

They are the ideal complement to if we decide to wear miniskirts or a very short dress, this way there will be no worries about the possibility of teaching too.

They don’t combine well with boots unless you are very high since they will make you look like lower than you really are. They look best with high heels.

For winter you can use the ready made with wool, but people feel better because they fit very well to the body are those of lycra and cotton.

If you have thin legs, we recommend to take them with pants and light colors.

The leggings of Brown, grey and ochre colours to go out at night, apart from the black, are also available.

The sweaters, sack dresses and long super shirts are very well with a few youth leggings.
The tricks that exist to carry some leggings are many, since it is a pledge of more versatile, that can be used both day and night, which combines with almost everything, giving a touch of elegance when they are high heels, which enhance your legs and stylize your figure, and that the leggings are available in all kinds of colors and printings at